How to Substitute Coffee in the Morning


Many people out there are looking for a healthy alternative to coffee. This can be because coffee can make people jittery due to the caffeine content. Alternatively, coffee is an acidic beverage, so this can upset other people’s stomachs.

A healthy alternative to coffee is one that mimics that part of coffee that people like. Chicory root is a good alternative as it can be delicious warmed up and look creamy brown with milk added. It even tastes a little bit bitter like coffee.

People also like Milo, especially in the U.K. Milo is a barley beverage so it is packed full of vitamins and minerals. It is also made to taste like hot chocolate. This can be a delicious treat when one is waking up in the morning. It is virtually guilt free too considering how many nutritional requirements that it fulfills.

These two options are probably the best healthy alternatives to coffee without the potentially unhealthy stimulating effects of caffeine.