Industrial Desk Items That You Should Check Out

Industrial furniture can be a great addition to your home or office. The following is a list of recommended industrial desk to add just the pop to your environment and leave your guests in awe of your impeccable taste.


1. Pottery Ban’s Dawson Desk

This desk is both industrial and rustic. The Dawson Desk from pottery Barn works well as either an industrial desk or a rustic desk. For anyone that is trying to achieve an old industrial feel in their office, then this is the right selection. The aged and blackened wood makes it easy to achieve this atmosphere. The only problem is that it is very expensive. The industrial desk goes for $1499 at Pottery Barn.

2. Restoration Hardware’s 1940s Industrial Modular Desk System

This industrial desk from Restoration Hardware is perfect for bringing back that 1940s feel. The large and modular desk seamlessly imitates the need for practical furniture in those times. The desk has huge drawers and a lot of work space. This desk is, however, also very expensive. At Restoration Hardware, the industrial gem goes for $1795.

3. CB2’s Go-Kart Carbon Grey Desk

This industrial desk has a funny name. It may sound like a vehicle but the desk is far from being a vehicle. It is a favorite for many and is very affordable. The Go-Cart carbon grey desk is very simple and this contributes to its suitability in creating a more industrial space. CB2 has this piece going for only $149, which is a very fair price for industrial desks as they tend to be very expensive.

4. Restoration Hardware’s 1910 American Trestle Drafting Table

This drafting table is a solid wood surface that tilts, lowers and lifts as the user desires. Marvel your guests with the industrial style of this design. This piece of d├ęcor is quite eye-catching and a valuable item to have in your house. Restoration Hardware stocks this beautiful industrial desk for $1495.

5. Industrial Round Table Crank Wood End

The industrial round table crank wood end will add a distinctive focal point in whichever room it is put. This industrial desk is a transitional table with a crank arm included in the design so as to allow for adjustment of height. This table is uniquely designed and you can create the desired industrial theme by strategically placing it in the room. The dramatic iron legs and reclaimed wood are perfect for creating that antique and nostalgic feel.

6. Restoration Hardware’s Flatiron Desk

Restoration Hardware hardly disappoints with its industrial products. This industrial desk is a classic design that would be appreciated by anyone who understands industrial design. One of the benefits of purchasing this particular item is that it is timeless and long-lasting. It is also multipurpose. Therefore, you can change its location over the years depending on how you feel. It is made dynamic and mobile by the castor wheels. Because it has no storage, this industrial desk is both modular and flexible. This table can be obtained from Restoration Hardware. The price ranges from $695- 995, depending on the size you wish to buy.